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For all interested,

We wanted to share our feelings and appreciation for the Seeds of Phangan Kindergarten,

First, we will of course mention the amazing Elli and Nikole, whose professionalism and abilities have surprised us tremendously for good, the way the kindergarten is managed, at all levels, is an example of how a kindergarten should and can contribute to the development of soft children.

The learnt material, the way of enrichment, the warmth, and the sense of love, all make up the everyday texture just perfect.

Elli and Nikole are accompanied by wonderful and talented women in pleasantness and dedication for the children as well as for us parents' peace and quiet.

The structure of the kindergarten is also optimally built while separating and maintaining aesthetics and comfort for children, while allowing diversity for stimulation to support desire for learning and experience.

In conclusion, this is one of the most amazing kindergartens we have encountered in the world!"

Moran and Barak Dagon.

Elli is a fantastic and experienced teacher! We send two of our kids to her kindergarten and were highly impressed. 

She is so loving, charming and supervises closely all kids under her nurturing care. Both of our children love her. 

Fero Familiy


We want to lay a firm foundation for Oscar’s early learning years especially for English. We want Oscar to be a natural bilingual child. Above all we want him to love English and just to have fun. And we are so glad to have Nikole as his English Teacher. With her creative and whole child approach, she allows Oscar to explore his own interests like bringing the subject of his interest like Trucks and Dino into his learning process. She supports his learning to reach his full potential in such a fun and natural way.  We are so glad that Oscar didn’t have to learn English the old school and hard way like we did! 


Nikole is such a passionate teacher who truly understand kid's nature by heart. She has lay down good seed for Oscar which has been growing to bear such a good fruit in his character and love for English. Your little student now becomes our English teacher especially when we miss pronounce.


My family and I are so glad that you have lay a foundation for growth and development in Oscar’s language skills, characters, and social interactions. His love for learning is truly a testament to your teaching and caring heart for the little one.

The first thing to learn is an important step for your child and their future. For us the most important thing is a teacher who cares about their work.

Our family is very lucky to meet Elli. She is our children's first teacher and we know her for over 6 years. Her gentle disposition, kind-hearted, caring, empathetic and loving character makes children feel happy, trusted and loved. Trust helps children to feel accepted, they are more likely to learn new things and Trust is essential for our children to widen their minds. My children loved to go to her class and we call Elli not just a teacher but also a friend. 

It was wonderful to meet such a professional and creative teacher like Elli. Thank you for everything.

Lawsup family.

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