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"For all interested,

We wanted to share our feelings and appreciation for the Seeds of Phangan Kindergarten.

First, we will of course mention the amazing Elli and Nikole, whose professionalism and abilities have surprised us tremendously for good, the way the kindergarten is managed, at all levels, is an example of how a kindergarten should and can contribute to the development of soft children.

The learnt material, the way of enrichment, the warmth, and the sense of love, all make up the everyday texture just perfect.

Elli and Nikole are accompanied by wonderful and talented women in pleasantness and dedication for the children as well as for us parents' peace and quiet.

The structure of the kindergarten is also optimally built while separating and maintaining aesthetics and comfort for children, while allowing diversity for stimulation to support desire for learning and experience.

In conclusion, this is one of the most amazing kindergartens we have encountered in the world!"

Moran and Barak Dagon

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