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seeds philosophy

We believe in a holistic education which focuses on the whole child and encourages student engagement in the learning process. We prioritize social, emotional, physical and spiritual learning just as much as intellectual skills to foster the development of confident, curious and well rounded individuals. We are convinced that children need a balance of routine, self-guided and teacher-led learning. This allows them space to explore their own interests, while we support and facilitate their learning to reach their full potential.

Our holistic kindergarten is run in a student-centered manner rather than teach-centered. It flows through the following process:


1. Recognize child’s interests


2. Create a fun and interactive environment


3. Use a variety of approaches


4. Ask students open-ended questions


5. Encourage individual dreams and visions



Through this approach, we aim to grow students 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. We embrace interculturality, diversity and equality and encourage students to make connections between what's at hand, their experiences, and their communities.


We also strive for students to have the courage to take risks in the surrounding beautiful and natural environment. Through these connections, students develop empathy and respect for animals, the environment, and the world around them.  

Nurturing all aspects of the child and giving them the proper tools to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepares students for success in this dynamic and ever-changing world.


Most importantly for us, if your child enters the classroom with a smile, learns and grows, then we’ve accomplished our goal! 

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