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In order to have a smooth transition for your child, we follow a concept developed by educators in Germany based on the “Berlin Model.” This method is proven to support a secure and trustworthy transition. The transition period takes a few days and up to two weeks, depending on the individual needs of each child.



The parent is required to stay for the first full day to help your child feel comfortable and safe in the new environment. If the child is ready, separations will begin on the second day, ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour.


When there is a separation, the parent communicates to their child that they are leaving and coming back later. To hear this from the parent is fundamental for your child to build trust and security with you and their teacher. It is normal for a child to become upset when their parent leaves. During this time, a Seeds team member focuses on calming your child and bonding with them. Each day, the time of separation increases until your child is securely separated for a whole day. 

What is my role as a parent during transitions?

Since the child is unfamiliar with the teacher and the environment, the support of their parent is necessary for the child to engage in the routine. During the transition, it is the parent’s role to encourage their child to listen to the teacher by following the instructions, joining the activities and having safe behavior. It is important to repeat the directions that the teacher says to your child and model the expected behavior to help your child follow along. 


On the first day, it is also recommended to play with your child during free play so the teacher has the opportunity to play together with the parent and child together. This helps the child realize that they can also trust and play with the teacher. Once the child feels more comfortable, the parent may slowly step back and allow their child to explore and play on their own.

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