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At Seeds, having a mixed-age group of 2-5 year old children creates a community of learners who support and care for one another.


In the morning, all children are together as a group for free play, circle time, arts and crafts and outdoor play. This allows the older children to develop leadership roles, while the little ones benefit from interactions in both age groups. All meals are enjoyed together as well. 


In the afternoon, each child receives quality education suited to their current development. The Sunflowers (2-3.6 years) have a mandatory story and naptime. The Bumblebees (3.6-5 years) have a calming time and project based lessons with a qualified part-time teacher. Instructions follows the British EYFS curriculum and ties into the theme of the week.

In a mixed-age environment, our Seedlings develop an array of key traits such as confidence, empathy and collaboration amongst their peers. They are guided and challenged by educators who tailor the children's learning based upon their individual needs.


Please note that it's not possible to join the afternoon lesson before the age of 3.6 years old. After reaching this age, it's the parents decision if they wish to extend the naptime for their child. 

Children can feel security under our care since they are always surrounded by peers and teachers who can offer support.

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