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It's necessary for a teacher to start the classroom routine without being interrupted to settle children who are late. A homeroom teacher is unable to create a calm atmosphere by reading stories or playing games when he/she is being kept busy by late drop-offs every few minutes. 


Once parents come inside, children who are already calm get triggered again by seeing parents. It's also best for your child to stick with the same routine each day of drop-off at the door so they know what to expect. If a child cries at drop-off time, please remember that from time to time it's normal for them to experience this emotion when separating from their parents. They usually calm after a couple of minutes and our team is well trained and fully aware of how to support them. The homeroom teacher will reach out to the parent directly if needed. 


In addition, it's easier for children to calm in the morning when they see other parents coming and going. As they watch other kids entering the classroom easily, it reassures them that they are safe and can do the same.


Parents are not allowed inside the classroom and it's crucial that drop off is completed at the entrance door. 


For children who arrive past 9:00am their drop-offs will be completed at the gate with our teaching assistant or nanny (not the homeroom teacher). The homeroom teacher will take care once the child is in the classroom. Please save the numbers of the Seeds teaching assistants in case you are late for emergencies and kindly refrain from knocking at the office.

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