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Join our Holistic Kindergarten Journey

Our Mission

At Seeds of Phangan International Kindergarten believe in a holistic education which focuses on the whole child and encourages student engagement in the learning process.


We prioritize social, emotional, creative, physical and spiritual learning just as much as intellectual skills to foster the development of confident, curious and well rounded individuals.


Children need a balance of routine, self-guided and teacher-led learning. This allows them space to explore their own interests, while we support and facilitate their learning to reach their full potential.

Planting seeds of learning

The first 5 years of a child's life are foundational for a healthy and happy future! 

As experienced and certified teachers, we are skilled at creating a positive learning environment. Children feel a sense of belonging as we water their seeds with love and care to sprout into beautiful, unique flowers.


In our classroom, we passionately nurture artistic expression for students of ages 2-6 years old. Learners are given free rein to express their creativity through indoor and outdoor art lessons and free play, while also having routine morning circles and guided activities to create a strong classroom community.

Admissions Process

step 1.
Send an Email with your childs Info 

step 2.
Submit an applicationonce there is a spot opening

Step 3.
Pay Registration and tuition

step 4.
and enrollment

Class Structure

  • Ages: 2- 5.5

  • Days: M - F

  • Hours: 8:30am - 3:00pm

  • Max. Class Size: 22 students 

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6- 1

Term dates

Term or yearly bookings only,
no weekly or monthly enrollment

Term 1:

5th September - 16th December 2022

Term 2:

4th January - 6th of April 2023

Term 3: 

24th April - 26th July 2023

daily routine












Arts & Crafts, Free play


Circle Time/Lesson

Outdoor exploration, Sport 


Nap (2/3.5yo)

Literacy/Math/Art(3.5/5.5 yo) 




At Seeds, having a mixed-age group of 2-5.5 year old children creates a community of learners who support and care for one another.


In the morning, the children are together as a group for circle time, arts and crafts and outdoor exploration play. This allows the older children to develop leadership roles, while the little ones benefit from interactions in both age groups. All meals are enjoyed together.


In the afternoon, each child receives quality education suited to their current development. The Sunflowers (2-3.5 years) have story and naptime. The Bumblebees (3.5-5.5 years) have a calming/meditation time and project based lessons with a professional teacher. Instruction follows the British EYFS curriculum and ties into the theme of the week.


In a mixed-age environment, our Seedlings develop an array of key traits such as confidence, empathy and collaboration amongst their peers. They are guided and challenged by educators who direct the children's learning based on their individual needs.


Children can feel security under our care since they are always surrounded by peers and teachers who can offer support.

a bit About Us 

Together, we promise to do our best to ensure a safe, positive and fun learning environment for your child!

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