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Elli Biedermann


I grew up in a forest in the smallest village of East Germany, often building treehouses or collecting seeds and woods for crafting. My childhood in this enormous green forest formed my core beliefs that most of our capacities grew from the interaction with the environment. 


My first experience working with children was when I lived in Sydney, Australia working as an AuPair. I found my passion in teaching so I followed my heart and pursued a degree in Early Childhood Development and Social Work in Germany. During my twenties, I was enriched through working with orphans at a Waldorf school in Kathmandu, Nepal and many visits to holistic schools in Delhi, India which helped me forming my core values of empathy, integrity and courage.

After studying, my wanderlust brought me to Tokyo to work as a homeroom teacher at a German School. After an incredibly instructive year in Japan, where I gained a lot of knowledge about diverse forms of teaching,  I decided to move to Bangkok where I took over the management of a nursery for 6 years at an international school.

I now desire to live closer to nature after living in a busy city for so long and found my second home on this beautiful island Koh Phangan where I can make my dream come to true to open a holistic kindergarten under palm trees.

In my spare time I am always looking to grow and feed my curious mind with good books, laughs, travels and company! I'm also a big foodie and love to try out new cafes and restaurants; to balance this hobby, I enjoy running and Muay Thai.

Education: Degree in Social Work and Early Childhood Education

- 15 Years teaching experience in various countries

- 10 Years living in Thailand, managing a nursery at an International School in Bangkok.

Nikole Ferullo


My passion for education began during my childhood with my siblings; my favorite activity was roleplaying school and I always made sure that I was the teacher! I love working with young learners for their curious, open minded nature and the joy of celebrating each small milestone.


I’m from Boston, USA and moved to Thailand in 2019 to continue my kindergarten teaching career at an international school in Bangkok. I studied Psychology and Early Childhood Education in university and am certified in teaching English as a foreign language. 


Through adventurous backpacking trips around the world to higher education, I’ve developed an interest in sustainability, environment conservation and minimalism; our kindergarten reflects these values in our design and the use of natural and locally sourced materials. I also enjoy sharing the elements of different cultures in the classroom to enhance learners' worldly and open-minded perspectives.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking nutritious food, exercising and spending time in nature. Koh Phangan is a place where all of these aspects of my lifestyle can be intertwined while I fulfill my passion of creating a space where young learners are holistically guided on their journey through life. 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
- Certified in Early Childhood Education
- 7 years teaching experience
- 5 years living in Thailand, working at an International School in Bangkok

meet our team

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Ana Martinez

Homeroom Teacher

I will never forget my first kindergarten teacher and I still remember with joy those days back in preschool. She inspired me to become the teacher I am today.  I am an educator with 13 years of enriching teaching experience split between the vibrant cultures of Spain and Thailand.

I have a Bachelor's degree in childhood education, and my passion lies in nurturing young minds to blossom into free-spirited and empathetic individuals. My teaching philosophy revolves around mindful education, fostering emotional intelligence, and creating inclusive learning environments where students thrive collectively.


Beyond the classroom, I find solace in yoga, exploring the depths of the underwater world through diving, uncovering hidden gems along secret beaches, and dancing to the rhythm of tribal beats.

Nationality: Spain

Education: Bachelor of Childhood Education  


- 13 years teaching experience in different countries

- 7 years at International School in Bangkok, Thailand

- EYFS Wellbeing/Mindfulness teacher​


Melanie Wilson

Part-time Teacher

Nationality: New Zealand

Education: Bachelor of Education  


- 15 years teaching experience in various countries

- 10 years at International School in Bangkok, Thailand


Umpuchinee Salangam (Khun May)

Teaching Assistant

Nationality: Thailand

Education: MSc in Marketing


- Teaching Assistant at International Kindergartens since 5 years

Khun May has been a teacher assistant at Seeds since 2022 and has several years of previous experience working in kindergartens. Her hometown is Surin, in northeastern Thailand and she has been living in Koh Phangan since 2021.


Khun May helps to create a fun and supportive learning environment and enjoys doing art activities with the children. In her free time, she likes cooking with friends, playing badminton and snorkeling. 

Tanyapa Chanpho
(Khun Snow)

Teaching Assistant

Nationality: Thailand


- Several years of experience as a Teacher Assistant at International Schools

I was born and raised in Bangkok, where I developed a passion for understanding different cultures and communities. With a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology, I have gained valuable insights into human interactions, which I bring into my work with children. My experience as a volunteer in the children’s department at a hospital further fueled my passion for supporting young kids, and it's a joy to be able to do that every day here.


In my free time, I love to unwind on the beautiful Phangan Island. Exploring the island, relaxing on the beaches, catching stunning sunsets and staying active with jogging and exercise are some of my favorite activities.

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Khonthong Saekpha (P'Nok)


Nationality: Thailand


- Experience working at Kindergarten

Khun Nok is a proud mother from Koh Phangan, where she raised her son. As the Seeds nanny, she takes care of all of the children's hygiene matters in a gentle, caring way and she always has an eye on children's safety. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her friends and cook.


Walipron Kangsuwan (P'Saw)


Nationality: Thailand


- 10 years of experience working in restaurants and schools

Khun Saw has been the cook of Seeds since 2021. Each day, she prepares freshly made snacks and lunches, prioritizing wholesome, refined sugar-free meals to support children's well-being. As a parent herself, she enjoys all of the daily interactions that come from being around children and has great joy in contributing to the health and happiness of all our Seedlings. 

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