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Social/Emotional Learning

At Seeds we emphasize on teaching social-emotional learning as we believe this is crucial in the first years of a lifelong learning. This includes how to identify and regulate our emotions, being mindful, self-love, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and effective communication with others.

Children learn appropriate behavior quickly through observing other children and the teachers. Therefore, we try to be the best possible role models by creating a secure and positive community feeling.


We use research backed positive reinforcement such as praising the goal behavior such as helping, speaking up for themselves, listening, sharing and becoming more independent.. At Seeds you find a relaxation corner where we calm children that have an emotional outburst and need special attention. 

The children will learn the rules of the kindergarten by learning how to say sorry, sharing, tidying up together, saying stop when they don't like something, listening when another person is speaking, and showing respectful and kind behavior.

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